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Craft2Sanity was created to challenge generational trauma and is committed to including people of color who struggle with mental health on a journey to practice healthy coping skills, through the use of crafts, fidgeting, self love and self care.

The Journey towards craft2sanity


Deniece Brown, CEO & Founder

Choosing to love myself

Throughout elementary and middle school---bullying was an all too familiar reality. I was viciously bullied throughout elementary school. I had "friends" who constantly made me feel like a chore and a charity case throughout middle school. I had many peers whose constant response to my kindness was a display of cruelty, ultimately making me feel worthless. I lived in a very dark place for a long time. I coped by giving others the kindness and love that I knew I deserved but never received. Often times they were very undeserving of my kindness (I know many of you can relate). I turned my pain inward and began to bully myself by utilizing various forms of self harm. Add being a woman of color who has lived in a world where mental health is historically ignored. I battled with depression. anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD alone--- it has not only been a challenge to accept my struggle with mental health but it has also been a challenge to seek out therapeutic treatment, and continuously "take treatment home"
Many therapists will agree that "taking treatment home" is a valuable and necessary part of healing. I have found that I have been able to accomplish this by actively practicing coping skills in addition to utilizing crafting, DIY, tarot and affirmation cards as healthy distractions and guidance.  
Apart of my struggle has often been having to much time and too many thoughts. This often sends me into a spiral of emotions. This is even more true in hospital settings where there is a lot of down time and specific healthy coping skills may not be readily taught. 
I believe that many could benefit by utilizing crafting and coping skill practice to create a stronger sense of self and  stronger coping capabilities.



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"As someone who suffers with anxiety the crafts included in the box are great ways to cope when I’m feeling anxious. The henna kit and the affirmation cards being two of my favorite for dealing with anxiety. As an artist the henna kit is a great way for me to focus my energy so I don’t spiral while also having fun and creating something beautiful on my body"

​" I really enjoyed the fidgets, plushy, mental/spiritual health, diy and comfort kits"

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