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About Us

Finding a crafty solution to mental health

Craft2Sanity was created to challenge generational trauma and is committed to including people of color who struggle with mental health on a journey towards practicing healthy coping skills, through the use of crafts, fidgeting, self love and self care. 

Our Story

Growing up in a community where mental health wellness has been historically neglected, the formation of Craft2Sanity comes as both a surprise and a blessing. We have already been on an amazing journey that we are excited to further explore. Now we can also share that journey with others who may be on their own mental health venture or encourage others who want to pursue a similar conquest. 
Above all else we aim to reach people of color, no matter the communities in which they reside. In doing so we also hope to reach everyone between the child that has issues communicating well, to the adults and elderly populations all around the US--and eventually around the world. As a team we are all here today because we allowed ourselves to trust the therapy process and yearn to provide the skills and tools that we have acquired to help others.

Meet The Team

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